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Kickstart Coaching and Excel in Performance bring you...

The unique Serendipity Workshop to be held at Daylesford will introduce tools and techniques that will Kickstart you to a new adventure. Imagine knowing that you have the opportunity to start a new journey, make a new beginning, take a new direction or just stop, reflect and be acknowledged for what you have already achieved.

You will discover how to:

  • Source and Unleash the magnificence and power latent inside all
  • Break out of the old mould and learn new ways to achieve what you want
  • Overcome hurdles / find solutions to problems that seemed impossible to solve
  • Conquer the fears and show stoppers that may have held you back in the past
  • Find out what your real passions and true path of fulfilment is
  • Extract joy, contentment and pleasure from every single moment
  • Finally get in control of your life and plan it the way you want it to be.

Imagine the heights you could achieve once you know how to clarify and realign your state of mind, to examine your goals, values and beliefs and even to face some of your fears. The workshop will plant the seed which you will nurture into full blossom.

This workshop will be the Serendipity you were waiting for, enabling you to Excel and reach new successes. You will take the opportunity to stop, reflect, put a line in the sand and re-create your life. You will re-map your goals and learn how to be true to yourself and how to empower your positive mind.

Be amongst a small group of inspired and supportive women who want to have fun, help each other and celebrate together. It's all about 'you'.

Workshop Dates Future dates to be TBA
Times 8:00am - 6.00pm
Location: TBA

Numbers will be limited to 30 so book early

Book Now by calling: 1300 904 399 or 0417 211 036
or email:

Arrive Saturday Depart Sunday (Workshop starts 8.00am)

Serendipity Workshop 8:00am - 6.00pm
Morning Tea  
Afternoon Tea  
Total Investment $TBA
Early Bird Price: $TBA

RSVP your spot by - TBA, as we are limiting numbers to ensure we achieve the workshop’s objectives and to allow us to give you the One on One attention you deserve.

Book Now by calling: 1300 904 399 or 0417 211 036
or email:

This inspirational workshop is brought to you by Poppy Pavlides from Kickstart Coaching and Josique Hartog from Excel in Performance.

Poppy Pavlides is a multi-faceted entrenpreneur who has achieved success as an author (The Little Book of Insights) and by being the Life Coach selected to be featured in a documentary series broadcast on SBS Television, The Lifestyle Experts.

Poppy is a public speaker, mentor, highly sought after corporate leadership advisor business coach, human resources expert, business educator, disabilities consultant and founder of Kickstart Coaching. This inspiring entrepreneur is also a cancer survivor.

Her personal and professional journey has led to her becoming a compelling motivational and inspirational speaker. Her intuition allows her to share a journey with her audience in a unique manner that invites them to visit a parallel world. She gives you permission to be free and to be who you were born to be. Most importantly she creates a map for your travels, based on total self belief and self respect.

"I look forward to
watching you evolve
during the weekend."

Poppy Pavlides

Founder of Kickstart Coaching, Author of The Little Book of Insights

Josique Hartog is a highly successful business owner, investor and motivational mentor for women.

Her forte is in coaching and mentoring small groups or individuals to empower themselves in all facets of life.

She is an accredited Business & Life Coach and runs a coaching business which assists clients to transform their personal life, build wealth, become successful investors and develop massive self confidence in themselves to achieve their goals.

Josique's career history prior to Excel in Performance has been in corporate Australia working as an IT and Business Consultant for 18 years, managing business projects and performing business analysis on large IT Systems. She also has 10 years experience in business operations and processes, strategic planning, and manages her own property portfolio.

"I look forward to supporting your

Josique Hartog
Founder of Excel in Performance.