Are coaches psychologists, social workers or counsellors?
No they are not.
A coach is a solution focused professional who will work with you to identify:

  • Where you are in your life or your business today
  • Where you wish to be in the future

and work with you to achieve your planned objectives.

Therapists work with problems that people have experienced in life whilst Life Coaching is a solution based process.

Is this a New Age thing?
Many people and professions, especially in high performance areas, have used coaches successfully for years. Whether it be called mentoring in the business world or coaching in the sports world, these people have achieved greater heights due to being supported and propelled by coaching.

Why would anyone want a life coach?
There are a variety of reasons why people employ a Life Coach, some include;

  • To be given support and motivation they donít find in their day to day life
  • To be given assistance without judgement
  • To be made accountable for the plans that they set
  • To address a weakness that they have battled with throughout their life
  • To change life habits
  • To be given another personís unbiased perspective

How often do you see a life coach?
This can vary. You may need to see a coach weekly or fortnightly, whilst some schedule one session per month to give them time to work towards their goals and personal development.

What should I be looking for when hiring a life coach?
The most important factor when selecting a life coach is whether you feel comfortable with them and the coaching organisation. Questions to ask yourself include;

  • Does my conversation flow with my life coach?
  • Am I being myself when talking with my coach?
  • Is the coach present during our conversations (both mentally and emotionally)
  • Is the coach interested in working specifically with me?
  • Are there documented outcomes?
  • Do I always know what is planned each session?
  • Is it a Judgement Free Zone?

Does a life coach need to have experience in my work/life area so I can work with them?
A Life Coach is trained to elicit answers from you and not just provide them. They are there to prompt you to develop the answers you are looking for and then help you set in motion the action steps to help you achieve your goals. Whilst experience in your particular field can provide some added advantages it is not essential.

Is Kickstart Coaching certified?
All Kickstart employees are qualified coaches and have delivered hundredís of hours of coaching.

For Business people

  1. How can I ensure the privacy of my employees' responses?
    The confidentiality agreement stands with anything an individual says to the Coach. As a business you will receive a report on the measurable results which don't indicate the individuals' names and normally it is encouraged that the individual work values are shared by the individuals with the company if it is to improve the relationship. Any specific areas which are arising will be raised as an awareness and not a specific person's issue.
  2. What is exactly that sets you apart from the competition?
    With our one on one sessions
    • Kickstart prides itself as developing a coaching process which evaluates today and the growth which will take place in the future
    • Kickstart delivers personal development which is part of the coaching process from the beginning
    • Working on planned objectives
    • In the moment coaching
    With our group and one on one sessions
    • Kickstart will deliver the group coaching so all attendees can learn the objectives and skills together
    • Following the group session all attendees will have a one on one session to help them implement the learning's form the group in to the workplace
  3. Can you describe how the cross-section mechanism works?
    By mixing the individuals from different parts of the company the individuals start to appreciate what the rest of the teams or colleagues are experiencing and feeling which means they are now starting to bond and respect , appreciate were every one is coming from. Usually they bond to the point were they start to justify each others' actions which creates a support structure from within. This will stop blaming and justifying and individuals will start taking responsibility.
  4. All this sounds great, but how will my bottom line be improved as a result of your work? I need numbers.
    Bottom line and numbers are usually a by product of looking after your people. When humans start to feel that they belong and they know they are acknowledged and respected they naturally work more effectively and efficiently because someone is about to notice their efforts.
  5. People know what to do at work. Why would I need your services?
    Many people know what to do, and most are extremely good at what they do. Coaching is part of a change in mind set. You start working on the fulfilling the human needs and the individual will always produce more then expected. Sometimes they don't know what they don't know and it takes a little bit of refocusing to increase productivity, team focus, and people power.
  6. How can you help me to improve staff retention?
    When people are happy with what they are doing and they feel looked after they will stay longer. Some effort has to come from the company to demonstrate that they appreciate and respect their staff. Coaching is a visual tool for everyone one involved, that the company is investing in its people. Once this is demonstrated and trusted usually staff have second thoughts about moving when the company is investing in them and management is focused on working with them to achieve their fullest potential.
  7. I can't spare much of my personnel's time.
    Kickstart works around your time, and roster requirements to make the learning easy and efficient for you.
  8. What is the best way to obtain maximum results with the minimum possible time from them?
    Group coaching is the most efficient and effective way to deliver the coaching quickly and have the fastest impact in the teams.